Fewer Employers Are Providing Insurance than in the Past 

“Higher premiums are a key reason that smaller businesses are less likely to provide insurance. A study found that more than 95 percent of employers with 100 or more employees offered coverage in 2015, a rate that has remained consistent for over a decade [Figure 28]. 136 However, the researchers found that the number of small employers offering insurance had declined in recent years. More than 80 percent of employers with 25 to 99 employers offered insurance in 2008, but that number fell to less than 75 percent in 2015.137 Employers with 10 to 24 employees experienced a larger decline, falling from 66 percent in 2008 to under 50 percent in 2015. Employers with fewer than 10 employers also saw a significant decline, from around 35 percent to about 22 percent, a 36 percent decline.

Source: The_case_for_medicare-for-all_-_february.pdf
The Case for Medicare for All. Public Citizen, February 24th, 2019, pp. 40-42.

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