Medicare patients more satisfied than those with employer and marketplace insurance

“This article provides evidence that people with employer-sponsored coverage were more likely than Medicare beneficiaries to forgo needed care, experience access problems due to cost, encounter medical bill problems, and be less satisfied with their coverage…

…After adjustment for poverty status, health status, and chronic conditions, only 8 percent of Medicare beneficiaries sixty-five or over rated their insurance as fair or poor, compared to 20 percent of those with employer insurance and 33 percent of those who purchased insurance on the individual market. Across insurance groups, those with lower incomes and in poorer health were more likely than others to give their insurance a fair or poor ranking. Twenty-eight percent of Medicare beneficiaries age sixty-five or older reported at least one negative experience with their insurance, compared to 48 percent of those with employer coverage.”

Medicare Beneficiaries Less Likely To Experience Cost- And Access-Related Problems Than Adults With Private Coverage, Karen Davis, Kristof Stremikis, Michelle M. Doty, and Mark A. Zezza. Health Affairs 2012 31:8, 1866-1875

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