The Wealthy Benefit from Hundreds of Billions in Tax Subsidies that Could Go Towards Healthcare

“…Public funds help the vast majority of Americans pay for care, but these funds flow through many different spigots. The funding streams for the poor, the elderly, veterans, family planning, and public sector workers are visible and hotly debated. Meanwhile, the hundreds of billions in tax subsidies that disproportionately benefit wealthier Americans have drawn far less public attention.

Although taxpayers fund the vast majority of health spending, overall priorities for this funding are rarely discussed. Appreciation of the magnitude of government funding might encourage more explicit, appropriate, and equitable targeting of these expenditures as components of a total health budget.”

Source: David U. Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler, 2016: The Current and Projected Taxpayer Shares of US Health Costs. American Journal of Public Health 106, 449-452

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