U.S. Funds More Healthcare via Taxes than Other Developed Nations

“As is well known, US health care costs are far higher than those in any other nation (Table 3). However, the high level of tax-funded spending in the United States receives less attention. Indeed, tax-funded health expenditures in the United States account for a larger share of gross domestic product (11.2% in 2013) than do total health expenditures in any other nation.

Note. GDP = gross domestic product; OECD =  Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development; PPP = purchasing power parity. US figures are from national health expenditure accounts; figures for other nations are from OECD data. Figures for tax-funded spending in nations other than the United States exclude tax subsidies to private spending; Switzerland does not offer tax subsidies for employer payments for coverage.”

David U. Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler, 2016:The Current and Projected Taxpayer Shares of US Health Costs.American Journal of Public Health 106, 449-452

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